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Exotic Cello

My dark red travel cello is telling stories from around the world.
Compositions inspired by Bach's amazing Cello Suites, a Russian tango dancer, a dove with a broken leg, and an episode by night somewhere in Japan...

Listen here: The Moon


Price: 600 euro






Who dares to witness this venture?

In this concert, I challenge myself in a kind of music triathlon on three of my favorite instruments: cello, flute and piano.

The repertoire is based on the thought that each instrument is allowed to show its best features. Thus, the program offers deep cello sounds of Bach and R. Taki, equilibristic flute music by Telemann and alluring harmonies on the piano by Chopin.

 Listen and see if you think it corresponds to biking, swimming and running.

Thus, in the program deep cello sounds of Bach and R. Taki, ekvillibristisk flute music by Telemann and alluring harmonies on the piano by Chopin.


Price: 600 Euro


Triple Cello

The cello is said to be the instrument wich most resembles the human voice. This is perhaps the reason why many people feel that the cello speaks to them.


Triple Cello is a bit like The Three Tenors (Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras), just three cellos played by three cellist. It is a one-hour concert with an abundance of deep sounds.

 Take a little sample here.

 Cellos: Hanna Bendz, Ida Ben Hamadou and Ida Riegels

 Price: 800 Euro


Trio Dolce

We all three love Italian Baroque music, and for this concert, we have selected some of our favorites from the genre. Especially the composer Giuseppe Sammartini has written two charming Sonatas for two recorders and piano. The program also offers trios by Telemann and Corelli for recorder, cello and piano.


Listen how Sammartini sounds on a sunny afternoon in Birkeroed here.

Kaethe Kristiansen, piano

Sabina Schousboe, recorder

Ida Riegels, recorder and cello

Price 400 Euro


Mellow Cello

This concert has been called "An experience where you could almost hear your own heartbeat." We have explored countless shades of piano and pianissimo.

There is room to let your thoughts wander to the sound of contemplative pieces for solo guitar, Japanese-inspired flute music and the passionate aria 'Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5' by Villa-Lobos's in a version for cello and guitar.

Listen here.


Jacob Olsen, guitar. Ida Riegels, cello and recorder


Price 600 Euro